Info to participants!

Dear people!

You enrolled for the feminist weekend 2017 in Belp (and/or you enrolled for a workshop)!

We are really looking forward to this weekend, at the moment we have around 90 registrations, you can still enroll till monday 28th of August.

Here follow some important informations:

1. On Thursday, the 31th of August the installation of the structure is from 09.00 to 16.00, everyone who wants to help –we’re really glad about every help, feel welcome! (Anyone who knows how to build an outdoorshower, we need your help!)
At 17.00 the programm starts.

2. The programm is online, have a look at it and enjoy the feeling (that prickling in your stomach)! There is also always space for spontaneous workshops. More at, programm.

3. The way from the bus station (Giessenbad) is going to be marked with balloons in every colour. We dont want to loose anyone ☺ For emergency cases we have an emergency number: 076 273 84 eight nine. This number will be actived from Wednesday evening on.

4. People who sleep at the place or participate at meals, please take with you or organize:

– your own plate, cups and cutlery (we dont have so many in the house…)
– if you put „I dont mind“ at the question of sleeping, please organize a sleeping bag, a mattress and a tent. We have group-tents for people who dont have a tent. If you want to sleep in the group tent or in the house please write us an email
– for the ones who sleep in the house, you still need a sleeping bag but no matress.
– Allergies (like : „cannot be cooked in the same kitchen) or other allergies  please contact us, so that we can take care about it.
– Did I forget anything? Pyjama, toothpaste, bathing clothes, sun cream, rain coat… And flyer and information material you want to share!

5. The feminist weekend is a Do-It-Yourself weekend ☺ If you have any ideas, please bring them in!

Our pleasure is huuuuuuuge

The organizing people of the feminist weekend